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Jason Kalin

Research Interests

Rhetorical theory; visual and material rhetorics; digital rhetorics; new media studies; memory studies 

Courses Recently Taught

  • WRD 204: Technical Writing
  • WRD 261: Digital Culture
  • WRD 306: Rhetorical Traditions
  • WRD 363: Visual Rhetoric
  • NMS 502: Old Media, New Media
  • NMS 508: Design Rhetorics 

Recent Scholarship 

  • Frith, J., & Kalin, J. (in press). Here I used to be: Mobile media and practices of place-based digital memory. Space and Culture.
  • Kalin, J. (in press). Gathering memories with augmented reality. In S. Morey & J. Tinnell (Eds.), All the world’s a link. West Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press.
  • Kalin, J. (in press). [Review of the book A conspiracy of images: Andy Warhol, Gerhard Richter, and the art of the Cold War, by J. J. Curley] Visual Communication Quarterly. 
  • Kalin, J. (2013). Remembering with rephotography: A social practice for the invention of memories. Visual Communication Quarterly 20(3), 168-181.
  • Kalin, J. (2012) Doing what comes naturally? Student perceptions and use of collaborative technologies.International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


  • Academic Program Review 
  • Humanities Grade Challenge Review Board
  • LAS Committee on Undergraduate Research
  • LSP Chicago Quarter Advisory Committee