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Lisa Dush

Research Interests

New media and digital writing; Digital storytelling; Workplace and organizational writing

Courses Recently Taught

  • WRD 532: Content Strategy
  • WRD 526: Grant and Proposal Writing
  • WRD 521: Technical Writing
  • WRD 288: Community Digital Storytelling
  • WRD 286: Writing with Photographs

Recent Scholarship

Conference Proceedings


  • Dush, L. A. (2021). Alignment genres: Lessons from nonprofit-partnership projects in content strategy. Proceedings ofthe 39th ACM International Conference on Design of Communication.

Journal Article

  • Dush, L. A. (n.d.). Review of Stuart Selber's Institutional literacies: Engaging academic IT contexts for writing andcommunication. Journal of Business and Technical Communication.
  • Dush, L. A. (2022). Drawing into Being: Charter Graphics and Their Functions. Journal of Business and TechnicalCommunication.


  • Dush, L. A. (n.d.). “Designing for Complex and Extended Partnership Projects in Technical and Professional Writing." InConference on Community Writing
  • ​Dush, L. A. (2021, October). How to Launch and Sustain a Documentary Corps. In Conference on Community Writing. ​


  • Public Service Council
  • Studio Chi Advisory Board
  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Committee