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Lydia Saravia

Research Interests

Multilingual speakers, English Language Learners (ELL), Bilingual and Intercultural Education, Education policy, Teacher preparation, Language rights, Indigenous rights, Immigration experience of students, First-generation students, Transnationalism, Anthropology and Education, Literacy and culture.


  • Morales, P.Z. & Saravia, L. (forthcoming) The practice of cariño for emergent bilingual students: Latinx students in U.S. and indigenous Guatemaltecos. In M. Pacheco & P.Z. Morales (Eds.), Transforming schooling for second language learners: Policies, pedagogies, and practices. 237-256. Information Age Publishing.
  • Morales, P.Z., Saravia L., Perez, M.F. (2019) Multilingual Mexican-origin students’ perspectives on their Indigenous heritage languages. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal. 13(2), 91-121.
  • Raza, S., Williams, Z., Katsiaficas, D., Saravia, L. (in press) Interrupting the cycle of worrying: Financial implications of the California DREAM Act in the lives of undocumented college students. Review of Higher Education.
  • Raza, S., Saravia, L., and Katsiaficas, D. (2018). Coming out: Examining how undocumented students critically navigate status disclosure. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, doi: 10.1037/dhe0000085
  • Saravia, L. (Fall 2016) Mi Tía: Stories of a murdered scholar in Guatemala. The Journal of Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social. 16, pp. 162-168.
  • Morales, P.Z., Vazquez, V., Saravia, L. (under consideration) Regaño as caring: Discursive strategies promoting bicultural academic identities in a dual immersion classroom. Linguistics and Education.