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Maria Prikhodko

  • Professional Lecturer
  • PhD, English Composition and TESOL, Indiana University of Pennsylvania​​​​​
  • Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse
  • 773.325.4819
  • ​SAC 361​

​R​esearch Interests 

Translingualism, Rhetoric of Space, Spatial Justice, Rhizomatic Literacies, Multilingual Literacies, Global Rhetoric, Comparative Rhetoric, Generation 1.5 in Urban Contexts

Courses Recently Taught

WRD 103X: Composition & Rhetoric I for Multilingual Writers
WRD 104X: Composition & Rhetoric II for Multilingual Writers​


  • Prikhodko, Maria. (forthcoming). Rhetoric of nravstvennost': Nurturing eloquent traditions of     Kievan Rus' in the 21st century. In T. Graban and Hui W. (Eds.), Alternative Sources for Rhetorical Traditions. Carbondale, Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press. Book chapter submitted for publication.
  • Prikhodko, Maria. (2019). Rhizomes in action: International multilingual student writers' literacies. In S. Bagga-Gupta, Golden A., Holm L., Laursen H.P., and Pitkänen-Huhta, A. (Eds.), Re-Conceptualizing Connections Between Language, Learning and Literacy. New York: Springer.
  • Prikhodko, M. (2016). Review of the book Traveling Conceptualizations: A Cognitive and Anthropological Linguistic Study of Jamaican [Book], by A. Hollington. In LinguistList.
  • ​Prikhodko, M. (2016). Review of the book Dialogue in Multilingual and Multimodal Communities [Edition], by D.A. Koike, and C.S. Blyth. In LinguistList.
  • ​Prikhodko, M. (2014). Reflective journaling - Exploring EFL students' ethnocentric perspectives through cultural self-inquiry. Journal of Intercultural Communication, (36).
  • ​Prikhodko, M. (under consideration). My ethnic identity shifted: Laboring different writing. Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • ​​​Prikhodko, Maria. (under consideration). Rhizomatic research literacies: Multilingual writing teacher's pedagogical practices. Manuscript submitted for publication.