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Timothy Elliott

Research Interests​​​​

Technical and Professional Communication, Urban Planning Communication, Service Learning, Community Engagement and Public Policy, Visual Rhetoric, Multimodal Communication, Popular Culture (particularly Comic Books and Comic Book Culture)

Courses Recently Taught

  • LSP 112: The United Center: Sports, Community, and Urban Change (Focal Point)
  • WRD 201: Digital Writing
  • WRD 204: Technical Writing
  • WRD 301: Workplace Writing: Theory and Practice
  • WRD 323: Editing (undergraduate)
  • WRD 523: Editing (graduate)


Journal  Article 



  • ​Elliott, T. J., & Driskill, D. A. (2021). The High Cotton Project: A Community-Based Method for Serving the Urban Homeless. Journal of Community Engagement and Higher Education.​

Conference Presentations


  • "Creating Archives to Transition a Tutoring Project from Institution-driven to Community Partner-Driven.” Co-presented with Patricia Haney. Conference on Community Writing. Online Conference. October, 2021.


  • “Enhancing Sustainable Community Partnerships Through Technical Documentation.” Conference on Community Writing. Philadelphia, PA. October 17-19, 2019.
  • “Expert opinions, public priorities, and joint opportunities: A case study of design professionals and the public engagement process.” 2019 ATTW Conference. Pittsburgh, PA. March 12-13, 2019.​​