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New Media Studies (MA)

This program is no longer accepting new students; however, many of the New Media Studies courses are now offered as part of the professional and digital writing concentration in the Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse MA program. Learn more.

New Media Studies (NMS) examines the processes and platforms through which digitally-encoded media (photographs, text, audio, film) operate and circulate. The program focuses on how these media are combined into new media forms including websites, interactive games, graphic design, webcasts, sales and technical information.

In this Master of Arts program, you will study ways to create and better understand:

  • Content strategies
  • Web and interactive design and development
  • The transformation of visual and written communication on digital platforms
  • The role of visual and written communication within a broad digital culture

Program Highlights

Theoretical Depth
Our program stresses big thinking. We aim to give you an understanding of the historic role of new media in shaping contemporary consciousness, as well as of the relationship between new and old media. Courses focus on:

  • Rhetoric and visual design- how visual, image-based communication differs from and interrelates with text
  • Traditional written communication
  • How design, as a deliberate shaping of spatial and media environments, affects the way we make meaning as communicators and readers

Practical Application
We strive to give students the hands-on skills needed to:

  • Make decisions about media
  • Move digital media projects from idea to completion
  • Build and sustain successful ongoing digital campaigns

Most NMS classes involve hands-on components that allow students to practice identifying appropriate technologies to accomplish a specific communication needs, as well as designing, developing (coding), editing and managing content for websites and social media platforms.

Opportunity to Specialize
This interdisciplinary program is housed in the department of Writing, Rhetoric and Discourse, and students are encouraged to take courses from a wide variety of other areas.

Electives provide an opportunity for students to specialize in areas of their choice.

  • Suggested pathways represent ways that courses can be grouped to create a thematic focus.
  • You are also free to create an eclectic arrangement of electives to meet your goals as course offerings allow.

Choose seven courses from a broad range of options, including an evolving number of electives closely linked to the goals and subject matter of the core taught by NMS faculty.

Real-World Experience

Career opportunities. By the end of the program, students will have a portfolio of projects to show an employer whether that means advancing in a current job and career or looking for a new positions in a job market that is increasingly attentive to digital media expertise.

Internship opportunities. Internships are available if you wish to acquire significant on-the-job experience in the fields of publishing, professional writing and related areas.

Program Length

The MA in NMS requires completion of 12 courses (48 credit hours). You are required to take all five core courses, including a rich interdisciplinary introduction to new media; three foundation courses that will ground you in critical areas; and a final course that results in a capstone or culminating project.

  • Connect with us

    NMS maintains a robust Facebook group that connects current students with alumni. Join for posts about new media-related meetups, job leads and more.