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Politics, Piety, and the Presidency: Faith of the Presidents

February 3, 2014: The Center for Religion, Culture, and Community hosted a talk by David L. Holmes, the author of the Faith of the Postwar Presidents: From Truman to Obama.  A native of Detroit, David L. Holmes is currently Walter G. mason Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus at the College of William and Mary. His earlier book, the Faith of the Founding Fathers, was favorably reviewed by Alan Wolfe in the New York Times. His book acclaimed look at the spiritual beliefs of such iconic Americans as Frankly, Washington, and Jefferson, established David L. Holmes as a measured voice in the heated debate over the new nations religious underpinnings. He  looked at the role of faith in the lives of the twelve presidents who have served since the end of World War II. Holmes examined not only the beliefs professed by each president but also the variety of possible influences on their religious faith on policies concerning abortion, the death penalty, Israel and other controversial issue.