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About Us

The DePaul Humanities Center serves as a site for innovative discussion and research in the arts and humanities, engaging in interdisciplinary conversations that bring DePaul faculty, staff, students, and our Chicago communities together with the finest and most creative scholars and artists from inside and outside the academy. By means of its internal and external Fellows programs, its multiple yearly programming streams, and its commitment to supporting and spotlighting the most creative, rigorous, and ground-breaking approaches to scholarship, the Humanities Center strives to be the focal point in the university—and the larger communities in which it finds itself—for work within the humanities and arts.

The DePaul Humanities Center's Goals Include:

  • being a space for, creating visibility of, and generally helping to shape and promote the most cutting-edge, excellent work in the arts and humanities today;
  • fostering discussion among the greater community; 
  • nurturing current and future leaders in the humanities, arts, and culture at large; 
  • and promoting collaborative, interdisciplinary thinking that demonstrates the integral role of the humanities and arts in a life of common flourishing.

Click here to see our complete Mission Statement.