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Winter 2020


Scale Series Poster

The Scale of Problems...and Solutions

Monday, March 2, 2020
DePaul University
Student Center, Suite 120
2250 N. Sheffield, Chicago

6:30 - 7:00 p.m.  Big and Little Challenges, Games, and Gallery (Interactive Exhibit)
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  Lectures and Performances

Problems can often seem so large and overwhelming that we don’t even know how to begin to think about solving them. But it’s possible that some big problems could be addressed by small innovations—both in the ways we conceptualize the world and in how we implement changes. From discussions of bullying in the work-place to the challenges of traffic congestion, from how to address the global environmental crisis to the meaning of life itself, the DHC welcomes guests who have thought about the challenges of the big and the small—and have some thoughts on how we might move forward. Be sure to arrive early for our interactive gallery where you can play games and solve problems on large and small scales, featuring such wonders as a massive working Rubik’s Cube, a 4’ chess board, and the world’s smallest set of Lincoln Logs.