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The Album Artists



Angélica Garcia


Angélica Garcia is a Los-Angeles born singer-songwriter based in Richmond, Virginia. Born into an artistically creative Mexican-Salvadoran family in the San Gabriel Valley, Garcia was exposed early on to the diverse facets of L.A.’s Latin culture, resulting in her vibrant musical style. Her Indie Rock sound is inspired “by her Mexican and Salvadoran roots and touches upon blues, Americana, pop, and electronic traditions.” Almost three years before she rose to national prominence when her song “Jícama” appeared on Barack Obama’s “Favorite Music of 2019” list, she was called “the 22-year-old Latina disrupting the white boys’ indie scene” following the release of her widely praised debut album, Medicine for Birds. In 2020 she released her latest album, Cha Cha Palace (with “Jícama” among its tracks), “a celebration of her Mexican and Salvadoran roots and her childhood on the eastern edge of Los Angeles.” Propelled by that same energy, Garcia has become more outspoken about the border crisis and the creeping resurgence of anti-Latin sentiment in much of America.

“When you don’t feel seen, you don’t feel accepted for who you are. In my case, I’m American, but I am also Mexican and Salvadoran because of my family's blood. Though people often don’t know where to put me, I proudly wear both sides of my identity. The U.S. is a country made up of people from other countries."

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Mrs. Paintbrush


Mrs. Paintbrush is Jackson O'Connell-Barlow. At age ten he moved to Pittsburgh, where he began pursuing an array of youthful interests, among them designing weapons for He-Man. More recently, his pursuits have included locking his bedroom door, violently sweeping Care Bears from the bed, and screaming into a large seashell. Above all, however, his passion remains making MUSIC. Sweet, sweet music for your earholes. O-Connell-Barlow’s music is known for a highly imaginative style that fuses flowing, ironic rhymes with hip-hop beats. He is part of Chantillion (with Amos Levy, Justin Pelissero, and Gregg Weber), and with Jarrod Weeks, he created the group Grand Buffet and toured with Sage Francis, Streetlight Manifesto, Wesley Willis, MGMT, Girl Talk, and Third Eye Blind. O’Connell-Barlow  released his first solo album, DUKE 2, in 2013. Since that time he has released several digital tracks and albums, including Dead Osprey SewerWHIZZ Kid Jr.The Citrus Witch Sampler, The Jackson EP, and 44.

"I have no inclination when I’m making music, to please anybody. So when I… do put something out, It's purely because I am entertained by the stuff. And because of that, I like what I’m doing and people can [enjoy] my stuff and spend a couple of bucks on it, knowing I'm not trying to get a hot iTunes song.”

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The Pete Sister


Susseli Pete, Sisi Whiteman Runs Him (Pete), and Siliye Pete are The Pete Sisters. Born and raised on the Flathead Indian Reservation, the Pete Sisters are descendants of Grizzly Bear Tracks, Louis Vanderburg, and Sack Woman, and are the daughters of Shandin Pete and Linda Ferris. Sharing a deep family history within the Bitterroot Salish tribe, the Pete Sisters draw inspiration from traditional Salish teachings, which they learned from their mother and through the guidance of numerous elders. Combining contemporary lyrics and striking vocals with traditional music, the Pete Sisters’ songs elevate topics of community health and justice, most recently: support and healing for women, voting, and COVID awareness and prevention. Another way they lift up their rich culture and community is by way of frequent collaborations with other native musicians, which has led most recently to a nomination for a Native American Music Award in the category of Best Collaboration in a Video. 

“We implore you to navigate your life with consideration and empathy for others. The pandemic has resulted in much loss, sorrow, and controversy. As indigenous people, it is our way to be mindful of others and to hold a level of selflessness. We must adopt some of our old ways again, as this will ensure our survival and unique ways of living.”

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