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2021-22 Course Showcases

This spring, the HumanitiesX 2021-22 cohort deployed the inaugural renditions of their project-based community-engaged courses. To better show off and share about these courses – and the projects students completed within them – we've a developed a showcase page for each course.

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council


Professors Amy Tyson and Chris Solis Green worked with the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council (BPNC) to conduct a series of oral histories with community organizers and Latinx immigrant activists. Students organized and condensed these oral histories into a digital and print anthology.

See the BPNC course showcase

Japanese Arts Foundation


Professors Yuki Miyamoto and Kerry Ross worked with the Japanese Arts Foundation to create a student-driven arts exhibit featuring handmade floating lanterns. The exhibit and subsequent floating lantern ceremony investigated the ways art has been used to negotiate identity in the Atomic Age.

See the JAF course showcase

Midwest Human Rights Consortium

Professors Maria Ferrera and Chi-Jang Yin worked with the Midwest Human Rights Consortium (MHRC) to create digital media and videos explaining MHRC's work conducting forensic analyses for the benefit of asylum-seekers in the U.S. The 3- to 5-minute long student videos are featured on MHRC's new website.