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Upload Letter of Support from Principal Investigator's Chair/Program Director

Urban Collaborative Community Research Initiative (UCCRI) Faculty Grant

In the event that a course release is being requested by the Principal Investigator (PI), the application must be supported by a confidential letter of support from that faculty member's Chair/Program Director (the person who writes one's annual review). The PI's Chair/Program Director may upload an endorsement directly to the application system.

The letter of support should address the following:

a. Please explain the value and significance of this community-engaged research project.
b. Do you support funding this project? Why or why not?
c. Please explain how you will address the instructional needs of your unit in response to the requested course release for the grant.

Letters of support are due one week after the application deadline. Applicants are very strongly encouraged to alert their chair or director early in the process of their intent to apply for a course release through a UCCRI grant.

NOTE: If the PI is currently serving as a Chair or Director, the recommendation letter should be written by the Dean of the College.

Recommendation letters and endorsements may be uploaded by the Chair/Program Director directly by 11:59 pm on April 12, 2024. All letters and endorsements are confidential and will not be shared with applicants.