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The faculty and staff of African and Black Diaspora Studies are dedicated to our students' academic success. We strive to provide a friendly learning environment, individual academic advising, and engaging intellectual challenges in order to prepare our graduates to excel in their chosen professions with confidence.

Amor Kohli
Amor Kohli
Victoria Rivkina
Victoria Rivkina
Julie Moody-Freeman
Julie Moody-Freeman
Lori Pierce
Lori Pierce
Evan "Poe" Johnson
Evan "Poe" Johnson

Advisory Committee

The African & Black Diaspora Advisory Committee is a rotating group of faculty responsible for the governing and direction of the African & Black Diaspora Department.

Tera Agyepong, History
Lisa Calvente, Intercultural Communication and Performance Studies
Mark DeLancey, History of Art and Architecture
Jacqueline Lazú, Modern Languages Department
Shiera Malik, International Studies
Heidi Nast, International Studies
Ogenga Otunnu, History
Christina Rivers, Political Science
Francesca Royster, English
Chernoh Sesay, Jr., Religious Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty are faculty from across DePaul whose teaching and research connects to African & Black Diaspora studies

Clement Adibe, Political Science
Jane Baxter, Anthropology
Enora Brown, Education
Marcy Dinius, English
David Akbar Gilliam, Modern Languages
Phyliss Griffin, Theater
Horace Hall, Education
Lawrence Hamer, Commerce
Stephen Haymes, Education
Stan Chu Ilo, Catholic Studies
Valerie Johnson, Political Science
Billy Johnson-Gonzalez, English
Tracey Lewis-Elligan, Sociology
Maria Masud, Modern Languages
Aminah McCloud, Islamic World Studies and Religious Studies
Ogenga Otunnu, History
Felix Masud Piloto, History
William Sampson, Public Policy
Traci Schlesinger, Sociology
Margaret Storey, History
D. Vincent Thomas Jr., Political Science
Darrick Tovar-Murray, Education
Dexter Zollicofer, Theatre