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Margaret Storey

  • Professor and Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • ​​​​PhD, Emory University ​

  • History
  • Faculty
  • ​​19th Century United States, the American South, the Civil War and Reconstruction

  • 773-325-7482
  • SAC 408


PhD, Emory University


Margaret Storey is the author of Loyalty and Loss: Alabama’s Unionists in the Civil War and Reconstruction (Louisiana State University Press, 2004), the editor of the memoir of a Tennessee Union cavalryman, Tried Men and True: Or, Union Life in Dixie (University of Alabama Press, 2011), and co-author, with Nicolas Proctor, of ​Kentucky 1861: Loyalty, State, and Nation (2017), part of the Reacting to the Past Series from W. W. Norton. Her most recent article, “War’s Domestic Corollary: Union Occupation Households in the Civil War South,” appeared in LeeAnn Whites’ and Lisa Tendrich Frank’s edited volume, Household War: How Americans Lived and Fought the Civil War (University of Georgia Press, 2020).​​


​Dr. Storey teaches classes on the history of the United States, with a particular focus on antebellum slavery and anti-slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the era of Jim Crow.