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Affiliated Scholars & Emeritus Faculty

Affiliated Scholars

Carolyn Bronstein
Associate Dean and Professor, College of Communication
American women's media history, feminism and pornography, advertising and gender representation, feminism and news, advertising criticism.

Emanuele Colombo
Associate Professor, Catholic Studies
Church History (XVI-XVIII centuries), Jesuit missions, Christians-Muslims relationships in the early modern age, History of ideas in the early modern age.

Sara Kimble
Associate Professor, School for New Learning
European history, humanities, and womens history

Gregory Mark, Professor, College of Law

Corporate finance, corporate governance and American legal history.

Michael McIntyre
Associate Professor, International Studies
Critical IR Theory, Social Movements, International Political Economy, Research Design, State Terror, Marxism

Donald Opitz
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, School for New Learning

Intersection between science and culture in late-nineteenth century Britain, with an emphasis on the roles of class, gender and sexuality in knowledge-making and institution-building

Lisa Poirier
Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Native American Religions; Religion and Colonialism; Religions of the Americas; Theory & Method in the Study of Religion

Chernoh Sesay
Associate Professor, Religious Studies

African-American Christianity and Freemasonry, American Evangelicalism, and Early American History

Allison Tirres​​​
Associate Professor, College of Law
Immigration, citizenship and property law in both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Simone Zurawski
Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture

Seventeenth-century European art

Emeritus Faculty

Thomas Croak, C.M., D.A., JD

Albert Erlebacher, PhD

Daniel Goffman, PhD

James P. Krokar, PhD

Howard O. Lindsey, PhD

Richard Meister, PhD

Cornelius Sippel, PhD​