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Rotenberg Senior Leardership Award

​This award recognizes a senior Anthropology major (or double major) who in the view of their fellow students has exhibited the quality of leadership that lies in guiding others to success—in ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do and doing it well. The award will ordinarily be given to one student per year; but if, in the view of the Department Awards Committee, there are two equally qualified students, the award can be split. It is also possible that the Committee could decide not to make an award in a given year because there were no nominations, or because those nominated were not qualified.


Robert Rotenberg, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, received his PhD in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He joined DePaul in 1979 in the Department of Sociology. He went on to become the first director of the Study Abroad Programs and the founding Chair of the Department of International Studies and the Department of Anthropology. During his 39 years at DePaul, Professor Rotenberg established a strong record of leadership and service at the levels of the department, college, and university. He also supported students, particularly Anthropology majors, through classroom teaching and individual mentoring. Recognitions for his contributions to the DePaul community include the Distinguished Faculty Award from the Honors Program and membership in the Saint Vincent DePaul Society of Professors. The Robert Rotenberg Senior Leadership Award honors his long record of service and his commitment to student success by recognizing outstanding leadership in a senior Anthropology major.

  • A nomination must be signed by at least two Anthropology students. The nomination should indicate how the student has demonstrated the enabling form of leadership.
  • The nominee must have 160 or more credit hours (i.e., senior status, regardless of degree conferral status). Students who have graduated the previous Autumn term or who will do so during the current Winter term are eligible.
  • The department may establish additional criteria as necessary to insure equity and fairness.

The award will consist of a certificate of appropriate size and quality, a name plate on the award plaque displayed in the Department. The awardee will be listed in the College Honors Convocation program booklet and announced during the Convocation ceremony.

  • The student who was the emotional center of the graduating class in the view of their fellow students; the person who others turned to in times of stress for reassurance and support.
  • The student who volunteered to edit the final report in ANT 322.
  • The student who found ways to increase the involvement and activism of other students while taking on the leadership of ASO, Lambda Alpha, or another recognized campus organization in which other Anthropology majors also participated.
  • The student who proposed and executed mini-conferences, workshops, poster sessions, lecture series, brown bags, or similar activities that stimulated the attendance of fellow students.
  • The student who was an officer in student government at the university level.

Rotenberg Senior Leadership Award

The nomination form opens March 1. Nominations will be accepted through April 15 and awards will be presented during the Spring Quarter.

Nomination Form