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Anthropology (BA)

Anthropology is the comparative study of humanity that focuses on people in all places throughout history. Study beliefs, values and practices of various cultures and compare similarities and differences among diverse groups. By analyzing other cultures, you will learn more about your own.

Research plays an important role in the study of anthropology and will take place both in and outside of the classroom. Gain hands-on research experience in our archeological field school and in projects throughout the city of Chicago. You’ll graduate with an extensive knowledge of how anthropology is actually done.

Join faculty who have research expertise in the geographic areas of Europe, the Middle East, Pacific Islands, Africa, the Caribbean and the U.S.

In addition to a variety of combined degree programs, we offer a combined bachelor’s + master’s degree in Anthropology and Secondary Education Social Science, allowing you to complete a bachelor’s and a graduate degree in as few as five years.


Sample Courses:

  • Archaeology
  • Cultural Dimensions of Business
  • Food and Culture
  • Archaeological Field Methods
  • Professionalism and Ethics in Anthropology
  • Public Speaking
  • Lineages of Culture Theory
  • Applied Practice Courses

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