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Major Requirements

Course Requirements​

Allied Field Requirement

Anthropological research makes extensive use of language skills because of the opportunity it presents for cultural learning. Students are encouraged to study at least one language to the point of functional fluency , if they wish to become professional anthropologists. The minimum requirement for the major is completion of a language-based study abroad program of ten or more weeks duration. If the student is unable to participate in such a program, they can complete the requirement by studying the language with coursework through the end of the second year (Courses numbered 106). Study abroad programs at other universities may be used as long as half of the credit earned in is language-based courses. Depending on previous course work, students may place out of the requirement entirely by scoring high on the university’s placement exam. Heritage speakers of a language other than English must also take the university’s test. For languages for which no test is available, consult the chair of the Modern Languages department. Even when the minimum of the language requirement is met, all majors are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program that allows them to live in a community where English is not spoken and to seeks instruction in a third or fourth language.

Experiential Learning and Senior Capstone

Majors in anthropology are expected to fulfill their junior year experiential learning (JYEL) and senior capstone (SC) requirements with ANT 322 and ANT 396 respectively. Both of these courses are recognized by the Liberal Studies Council as fulfilling these requirements. Students may take other junior year experiential​ learning and senior capstone courses, but are still required to take these two courses (or designated alternatives) to fulfill the major with the permission of the department chair. When students take ANT 322 to fulfill the JYEL requirement they must take an additional course in a liberal studies learning domain of their choice.

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.



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