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​The Art School faculty are dedicated teachers, visual arts specialists and practicing artists who exhibit and publish in regional, national and international venues. Our curriculum emphasizes creative problem solving, the development of the individual artistic voice, the mastery of specific visual, technical and digital skills, research and scholarship, conceptual thinking, and professional practice. Whether in Studio Art, Photography and Media Art, Graphic Art or seminar courses, the department faculty strives to provide for students a cohesive curriculum within the context of the liberal arts, which supports intellectual inquiry, an understanding of the human experience, and the individual act of creative self-discovery within a social construct and practice.

Our faculty of artists/scholars and the staff who support our teaching art studios and facilities believe that it is essential to work closely with the students within the studio art program at DePaul. Our curriculum stresses life-long learning skills which include: creative thinking and problem solving, verbal skill development, adaptation to change, working in small groups, the critique process, and risk-taking as a means of discovery. These skills are achieved through the studio art program to insure that students reach their full potential as citizens in a modern, visually oriented, and technologically sophisticated world.

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school director, Mary Ann Papanek-Miller

Mary Ann Papanek-Miller
Director of The Art School
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