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Critical Ethnic Studies (MA)

The Master of Arts in Critical Ethnic Studies will prepare you for advanced analysis of race and ethnicity in an urban and global context.

Using an interdisciplinary perspective to critique global and local power, the program emphasizes social justice and transformation while focusing on U.S. ethno-racial populations through an intersectional, transnational and urban framework.

Program Highlights

You will examine:

  • Systematic marginalization of racial minorities and the global implication of these structures
  • How racialized groups respond to and counter these forces through art, culture, political organization and other forms of social citizenship.

Program Structure

The program consists of a combination of core courses and electives and a final project or internship. The MA final project may be comparative or focus on a single ethnic or racialized group through the use of intersectional methodologies.​​​

Core Requirements

Students complete 6 courses for a total of 24 credit hours. For current core courses please visit the degree requirements​ page.

Research Requirement

Students must complete 1 research methods course for a total of 4 credit hours. The research methods course may be chosen from a number of affiliated disciplines best suited to each student's research area.

​Elective Requirements

Students complete 4 courses for a total of 16 credit hours from departments across the university including, but not limited to African and Black Diaspora Studies, English, Global Asian Studies, History, International Studies, Islamic World Studies, Latin American and Latino/a Studies, LGBTQ Studies, Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies and courses in the College of Communication.

Final Project Requirement: CES 412 Final Project Independent Research

At the conclusion of the program, students complete a final project representing a culmination of the work in the program. All projects consist of a rigorous piece of writing: reflective, analytical, or expository. Students can choose from four format options: 1) an original research thesis; 2) a portfolio of three publishable essays, 3) a completed internship; or, 4) a creative project. Each project is overseen by an advisor and an advisory committee of up to three faculty.

Graduate Certificate Options

Deepen your understanding, increase your marketability, and enhance your graduate experience by adding a certificate option to your master's curriculum via your elective course options. Critical Ethnic Studies students can choose from the following certificate programs:​​