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Major Requirements

Course Requirements

MAT 135 BUSINESS CALCULUS I is not a requirement for the major but its successful completion is a prerequisite for MAT 136. MAT 135 is approved to count for the Liberal Studies Program’s Scientific Inquiry-Elective learning domain.

MAT 150 and MAT 151 may be substituted for MAT 135 and MAT 136.

Curricular Specializations

The eight Economics electives should be selected from the following. The department offers three recommendations for students who would like to focus their studies on one area of expertise.  These areas are optional; no curricular specialization is required for the major.

International Focus

Public Policy and Pre-Law

Quantitative Economics

ECO 101, ECO 250 and ECO 395 may not be used as Economics Electives towards a major or minor in Economics.

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

Students are encouraged to use their open electives to minor or double major in a complementary field of study.  A student’s specific interest in economics will dictate the best choice of a minor or double major.​

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