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Economics (BA)

As an Economics major, you will learn how to analyze production, consumption and distribution decisions. You will gain the theoretical, quantitative and analytical skills necessary to understand business and policy issues.

The curriculum encourages you to think critically and analytically, gives you the necessary skills to analyze data and the ability to communicate findings effectively to a wide array of constituents, and focuses on microeconomic and macroeconomic theory. Become confident in your ability to diagnose complex problems, develop innovative solutions and make a business case for those solutions in a changing national and global economy.

DePaul’s economics department is located at the Loop campus in downtown Chicago, in the center of the city’s financial district, giving you opportunities to intern and work professionally with leading companies in the business sector.

We offer the 3+3 BA/JD Program, which allows high-achieving first-year undergraduate students to be admitted simultaneously to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LAS) and the College of Law (LAW). You’ll complete your first three years in LAS and your final three years in LAW.

Our combined bachelor’s + master’s degree programs include a combined bachelor’s + master’s degree in Economics and Economics Policy Analysis or Secondary Education Social Science. Both programs allow you to complete a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in as few as five years.


Sample Courses:

  • Principles of Micro/Macroeconomics
  • Global Economies
  • International Trade
  • Urban Economics
  • Economic History
  • Economics and Financial Policy
  • Business and Economic Forecasting

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