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Connie Johnston

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  • Instructional Assistant Professor
  • Ph.D.​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Geography and GIS
  • Adjunct Faculty
  • 773-325-7156
  • ​​990 West Fullerton, Office 4511
    Chicago, IL 60614

Ph.D. Clark University
M.A. Duke University
B.S. Wake Forest University

Dr. Johnston’s broad scholarly interests concern the relationships between human beings and the animate non-human world around us. She is interested in the ways in which cultural values and perspectives shape those relationships, and draws on feminist theory, post-structuralist theory, and science and technology studies in her work. Much of her research to date has focused on societal attitudes toward farm animal welfare in the US and Europe.

Dr. Johnston is also interested in making scholarly work accessible outside academia, and is the co-author/editor of the forthcoming Humans and Animals: A Geography of Coexistence (ABC-CLIO Press), an encyclopedia for a general audience.​