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Geographic Information Systems (Certificate)

DePaul’s Department of Geography and GIS offers geotechnology courses which prepare students for careers in such areas as: 
GIS student
  • urban and regional planning;
  • international development; 
  • environmental monitoring and management; 
  • intelligence and diplomacy; 
  • demographics;
  • marketing and real estate; 
  • geographic education. 

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Enrolling in the GIS Certificate Program

Undergraduate students who wish to declare the GIS Certificate Program as undergraduate students need to complete the Undergraduate LAS Certificate Declaration Form. Please note: If you already have a declared minor(s), this certificate will be added in addition to that program(s) and will not replace a previously declared minor(s).

Graduate students who wish to declare the GIS Certificate Program need to complete the Graduate LAS Certificate Declaration Form.

Non-degree seeking students:
If you are a non-degree seeking student and wish to only study towards a GIS Certificate, you must apply as a non-degree seeking graduate student through the online application located here:

For any questions or clarifications, please reach out to our GIS Director, Cassie Follett, at

GIS Space Around Campus

Lincoln Park Campus
990 W Fullerton, Room 3135 (GEO GIS Lab)
Richardson Library (all floors)
Arts and Letters, Room 110
Schmitt Academic Center, Room 224 (SAC GIS Lab)

Loop Campus
Daly 1327 
Loop Library (all floors)

Awarding the GIS Certificate

In order for the GIS certificate to be awarded in a timely manner, you must enroll for the GIS certificate before degree conferral deadlines, and then apply for conferral in Campus Connect before the deadlines as well. The conferral deadlines can be found at this page:

For students pursuing the certificate along with their degree program (undergraduate and graduate), the certificate and degree must be awarded together. Therefore, you must apply for conferral for the term in which you will complete all degree and certificate requirements.

For non-degree seeking students, you should apply for conferral for the term in which you will complete the certificate requirements.