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Winter Quarter GIS Lab Hours 2021

During the Covid-19 crisis, the GIS lab is closed and inaccessible.

Other alternatives for accessing GIS resources remain available through the covid-19 crisis. GIS Software can be installed on personal Windows computers, and Virtual Lab options are available for students to access GIS Software remotely.

For questions or clarifications on accessing these resources, please contact Cassie Follett at

In Winter Quarter, several GIS classes have the assistance of student Teaching Assistants. 

GIS TA Office Hours:

Samantha Curley, Zoom, Mondays 3-4pm and Wednesdays 12-1pm (Geo 141, Nandhini Gulasingam)

Evan Breedlove, Fridays 1-4pm (Geo 141, Andrea Craft)

Joseph Beck, 10-11am on Tuesdays and 4:30-6:30pm on Thursdays (Geo 242, Michelle Stuhlmacher)

Graham Joss, (Geo 243, Michelle Stuhlmacher)

Johanna Tuthill, (Geo 441 and Geo 442, Julie Hwang)

Ocean Wells, GIS Lab Thursdays 12-2pm (Geo 242, Cassie Follett)

Roxanna Lewicki, GIS Lab Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am – 12:30pm (Geo 243, Patrick McHaffie)

Kyle Acevedo, GIS Lab, Tuesdays, 2 to 6pm and Wednesdays 3:30 to 5:30pm (Geo 141, Andrea Craft, Geo 141, Patrick McHaffie, Geo 442, Julie Hwang)

Additional Assistance:

Cassie Follett, GIS Coordinator, Room 3134 (Adjacent to the GIS Lab), by appointment (All levels)

For all questions and concerns regarding the GIS Lab, please contact GIS Coordinator Cassie Follett.

The GIS Lab is closed whenever the campus is closed (due to holiday or other situations).

If swipe card access does not work, please email / call Cassie Follett with your class section and your ID Number to be added. Please also note, if the door closes, it 'sticks' sometimes, swipe the card, then push in before pulling, and the door should open.

Located at 990 W Fullerton, on the 3rd floor in room 3135, the GIS Lab is open to students taking Geography courses for research and completing classroom assignments. It is also available upon request, for collaboratory usage with other groups and partnerships within DePaul, and on a case by case basis to those outside DePaul who have arrangements with the Department of Geography within the rules and regulations of DePaul university.

Equipped with 18 high powered computers specialized for GIS usage, the computers in the GIS Lab have the latest in GIS software as well as other utility programs related to GIS work. For a comprehensive list of available software, or to inquire about capabilities within the GIS Lab, please contact the GIS Coordinator.

The hours that the GIS Lab is available and open to students varies based on quarterly scheduling and demand; in general the GIS Lab switches to longer hours in the latter half of an academic quarter. Please check this page for updates about scheduling changes from quarter to quarter, as well as to check for scheduled GIS Lab usage.

Frequently Asked Questions about the GIS Lab

Due to computer space concerns, the GIS Lab machines may be wiped after each quarter or when space quotas are used up, so students are advised to save files on external media or on their U drive.

Printing is provided at cost to the department, so our ability to offer this service to students is limited. So please use other campus printers for color printing or for large printing jobs.

Contact the GIS coordinator Cassie Follett at