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Maxim Samson

PhD, University of Leeds 
MSc, King’s College London 
BA, Durham University

Dr. Samson's research operates at the nexus between geography, religious studies and education. In particular, he is interested in the construction and contestation of religious identities across a range of spaces—from religious schools to city streets—and the implications of these dynamics for citizenship and belonging. Dr. Samson also acts as the Chair of the Geography of Religions and Belief Systems (GORABS) international specialty research group, linked to the American Association of Geographers (AAG). He is the author of Invisible Lines: Boundaries and Belts That Define the World (Profile Books 2023; House of Anansi Press 2024).

Courses Offered: 

GEO 103 Urbanization

GEO 204 Religious Geography

LSP 112 Focal Point Seminar: Globalization

LSP 200 Seminar on Race, Power and Resistance: Diversity in the Urban Landscape

Selected Publications:​​

Samson, M.G.M. (2022). Accommodating King Saul: Jewish pupils and mental health. In Mahmud, A., & Satchell, L. (Eds.), Mental wellbeing in schools: What teachers need to know to support pupils from diverse backgrounds (pp. 151–164). Routledge.

Samson, M.G.M., & Leichty, J.G. (2021). Images of the urban religious landscape: Gen Z seek out the sacred in the city. Journal of Cultural Geography, 39(2), 225–250. doi:10.1080/08873631.2021.1968623

Samson, M.G.M., & Warganegara, A. (2021). A post-tsunami sea change? Towards post-secular disaster response in Indonesia. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 61, 102371. doi:10.1016/j.ijdrr.2021.102371

Samson, M.G.M. (2021). White noise and unnecessary evil: Balancing security and community in synagogues. Contemporary Jewry, 41, 437–459. doi:10.1007/s12397-021-09371-5

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