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Euan Hague

PhD, Syracuse University
MA, Lancaster University
BS, Bristol University

Professor Hague is a cultural and urban geographer with interests in Confederate commemoration, white racial identities, cultural relationships between Scotland and America, gentrification and urban activism. His work has examined neo-Confederate nationalism and political appropriation of Celtic identities, in particular focusing on the separatist organization, the League of the South, founded in Alabama in 1994. Dr. Hague regularly engages in community-based research and collaboration with local organizations. His recent work includes partnerships with the Pilsen Alliance and AREA-Chicago to examine how Chicago's cultural and urban landscapes have developed historically and are continuing to change.

Courses Offered:
GEO 103 Urbanization
GEO 133 Urban Geography
GEO 172 Cultural Geography

Selected Publications:
Block, D. R.; Hague, E.; Curran, W. and Rosing, H. (2018) “Measuring Community and University Impacts of Critical Civic Geography: Insights from Chicago,” Professional Geographer, 70 (2), 284–290.

Bennett, L.; Garner, R. and Hague, E. (eds.) (2017) Neoliberal Chicago, University of Illinois Press.

Hague, E. 2015. Chicago’s North Burling Street, 2005-2015: From Public Housing to Mega-mansions.

Hague, E. 2015. “Pilsen – The Gentrification Frontier”

Hague, E. 2015. “Why The Confederacy Lives” 

Hague, E. and Sebesta, E. 2011. The Jefferson Davis Highway: Contesting the Confederacy in the Pacific Northwest.Journal of American Studies, 45: 281–301.

Hague, C., Hague, E., and Breitbach, C. 2011. Regional and Local Economic Development. Palgrave Macmillan.

Hague, E. 2010. ‘The right to enter every other State’ – The Supreme Court and African American Mobility in the United States. Mobilities 5:331-347.

Hague, E., Beirich, H., and Sebesta, E.H. (eds.) 2008. Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction. University of Texas Press, Austin.

Hague, E. 2008. Contested Chicago: Pilsen and Gentrification. Lulu.

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