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Maureen Sioh

PhD, University of British Columbia
MS, McMaster University
BS, Simon Fraser University

Professor Sioh trained as a hydrologist and worked in the private and public sectors as an environmental scientist before returning to academia. Her research on nutrient loads and erosion in agricultural regions has taken her to China, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Canada. Dr. Sioh's current research focuses on a psychoanalytic account of the role of anxiety in geopolitical decision-making.

Courses Offered:
GEO 101 Earth's Physical Landscape
GEO 210 Environmental Conservation
GEO 215 International Development & Regional Inequity
GEO 266 World Economy
GEO 395 Green Infrastructure

Selected Publications:
Sioh, M. 2010. The Hollow Within: anxiety and performing postcolonial financial policies. Third World Quarterly 31:581-597.

Sioh, M. 2010. Anxious enactments: postcolonial anxieties and the performance of territorialization.Environment & Planning D: Society & Space 28:467-486.

Sioh, M. 2007. Pricing race, circulating anxieties, and the fate of Malaya's currency reserves at independence. Cultural Critique 65:115-139.

Sioh, M. 2006. Against the limits of our history. Gender, Place, and Culture 13:57-65.

Sioh, M. 2004. An ecology of postcoloniality: disciplining nature and society in Malaya, 1948-1957.Journal of Historical Geography 30:729-746.​