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Student Spotlight

Qing Wang

Economics/International Studies Double Major,
Global Asian Studies Minor

Congratulation to Qing Wang, for her new position as research assistant with the Chinese Health, Aging and Policy Program at the Rush Institute for Healthy Aging. She will be working for a project on health care in Chinese American urban communities in the Greater Chicagoland Area.

Qing was awarded a grant from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science’s
Committee on Undergraduate Research. Her research, in summer 2016, focused on the theme "Awakening of Feminism: Analysis on the current feminist movement in China. "

"As an international student from China, I always have concern and passion about Asian culture and current affairs. I decided to join the Global Asian Studies Program because I have realized the significant influence of Asian countries to global affairs. In Global Asian Studies program, I have gained knowledge of Asian cultures, politics and economy, and also the position of Asian countries in a global context. I have learnt to respect all the culture and have had an understanding on how culture and history can have effect on politics and economics of the nation.

In the future, I wish to pursue further study in graduate school. I would like to get an MBA to learn specific skills to make influence in the fields of my future career. After that, I would like to find a job in private sector to promote awareness of Asian culture globally and raise concern of cultural inheritance in China."