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Student Spotlight

Qing Wang

Economics/International Studies Double Major,
Global Asian Studies Minor

Congratulations to Qing Wang, Global Asian Studies minor, on being awarded a grant from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science’s Committee on Undergraduate Research. Qing will be conducting research in Summer 2016 on the theme "Awakening of Feminism: Analysis on the current feminist movement in China. ​"

As an international student from China, I always have concern and passion about Asian culture and current affairs. I decided to join the Global Asian Studies Program because I have realized the significant influence of Asian countries to global affairs. In Global Asian Studies program, I have gained knowledge of Asian cultures, politics and economy, and also the position of Asian countries in a global context. I have learnt to respect all the culture and have had an understanding on how culture and history can have effect on politics and economics of the nation.

In the future, I wish to pursue further study in graduate school. I would like to get an MBA to learn specific skills to make influence in the fields of my future career. After that, I would like to find a job in private sector to promote awareness of Asian culture globally and raise concern of cultural inheritance in China. ​