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Global Asian Studies (Minor)

The Global Asian Studies Program at DePaul is the first of its kind in the world and unique in its global approach to the study of Asia, Asian transnationalism and Asian American topics.

Our award-winning faculty offer international expertise and professional training in our more than one hundred courses. We have a vibrant alumni mentoring network as well as international internship opportunities.

See our website for information about our faculty, students and alumni.  The Global Asian Studies program also hosts a number of events.  We bring in speakers and performers of international renown to provide the latest scholarly and popular culture developments in the field of Global Asian Studies.  These and other program activities provide a contemporary link between in-class learning and out-of-the-classroom experiences. For more information, email us at

A minor in Global Asian Studies complements a student's major field of study through:

  • Enhancing cultural competence in Asia, particularly in business and social practices.
  • Preparing for real-world challenges, especially in inter-cultural and international environments.
  • Improving critical thinking and analytical skills, including in professional presentation and writing. 
  • Strengthening career readiness via hands-on learning, study abroad and international exchange.
  • Developing flexibility and adaptability to new places and situations.
  • Mentoring and networking opportunities.

Minor Requirements

A student minoring in Global Asian Studies is required to complete the following courses totaling 24.0 hours (6 courses):

One required course:

Five elective courses to be chosen from:

NOTE: Students may use up to three courses focusing on just one country (example, up to three China or three Japan) towards the five General Asia electives.

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