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History of Art & Architecture

History of Art
and Architecture
History of Art
and Architecture

The Department of the History of Art and Architecture (HAA) offers a curriculum that identifies and promotes continuing contact with the enduring values of the world's artistic heritage and the application of these values to the future. It aims educationally to provide a broad foundation in the history of art and architecture that emphasizes the exquisitely diverse ways that peoples across time and place have inscribed their most cherished cultural traditions into their material world.

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DePaul’s Partnership with the Art Institute of Chicago

Having students engage directly with the rich artistic and architectural resources of Chicago is central to our teaching, especially the encyclopedic collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Thanks to a partnership between the Art Institute of Chicago and DePaul University, all students, faculty, and staff are entitled to free admission to the museum.
HAA students regularly visit the museum with faculty, attend a variety of events, research objects in the collection, and intern in different departments. HAA also offers the Arts and Literature domain class HAA 200: Special Topics on the Art Institute, which allows undergraduates to explore the history of the museum, its special exhibitions and collections.