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Courses in the Department of History of Art and Architecture (HAA) afford students the opportunity to explore the diverse visual traditions of the world on all six inhabitable continents. Successful completion of the BA in HAA requires that students take broad surveys of global art and architecture and meet distribution requirements that ensure that their perspective on visual culture is based on knowledge of non-Western as well as Western traditions.

Some courses focus on chronological periods, artists, and cities, while others consider thematic or intercultural topics. DePaul’s urban mission figures prominently in HAA courses, most of which call on students to engage the City of Chicago through classroom assignments and through field trips to Chicago’s many art museums, galleries, urban landscape, and world-class modern architecture.

Through the cumulative learning experience, students receive an in-depth education on the history of art and architecture from many different societies, critical knowledge about comparing diverse cultures and times, and a greater capacity to make rigorous judgments in an increasingly visual world. ​