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Study Abroad

HAA faculty regularly contribute to Study Abroad at DePaul by developing short and long term programs. Most recently, faculty traveled with students to Italy and Mexico and upcoming trips are planned for Oman and Jerusalem. These programs give students a unique opportunity to engage directly with a wide array of artistic works and architectural sites outside of the United States ordinarily experienced only through PowerPoint slides, websites, and books. 

In addition to taking advantage of Study Abroad courses offered by HAA faculty, we also strongly encourage students to take advantage of our classes before traveling. For instance, if you wish to study French in Paris, why not enroll in HAA 130 European Art, HAA Nineteenth Century Art, or HAA 379: Paris and Vicinity to c.1870. Traveling to Japan, try HAA 115 Asian Art, HAA 216 Japanese Art, or HAA 219 Japanese Film Arts. Nearly all of our 100 and 200 level classes hold Liberal Studies domain credit, so you can prepare for upcoming Study Abroad trips while satisfying general education requirements at the same time. 

If you have any questions about upcoming Study Abroad programs taught by HAA faculty or wish to discuss appropriate courses to prepare you for an upcoming trip, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Mark DeLancey​ Chair of History of Art and Architecture.