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Student and Alumni News

Eva-Nadou Body Lawson, a study-abroad student from Sciences Po University in Paris studying art history at DePaul in 2022-2023, was accepted into the joint Sciences Po-Musée du Louvre MA program in art history and museology.

​Dylan Becker (HAA '22) was accepted into the Master​ of Architecture program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.​

​​Christina Wyshnytzky (HAA '21), assistant curator, discusses a current exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in the New York Times article “Tanks and Teddy Bears: Ukrainian Children Paint the War."​​​​​

Brenda Lee Bohen (HAA '12), interviews museum consultant and freelance historian, Alex Revzan, in the Meer article "History of exhibitions outcome with Alex Revzan."