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Student and Alumni News

Brenda Lee Bohen (HAA '12) highlights art expert and national guide in history of art, Sara Procacia, in the Times of Israel article "The Jewish Tour Guide in Rome Whose Grandparents Hid in the Vatican Museums during the Holocaust."​

Brenda Lee Bohen (HAA '12) highlights Jonathan Glück's walking tour in the Meer article "Exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity: A midrashim tour of the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel with Jonathan Glück."​
​Brenda Lee Bohen (HAA '12)​ discusses Leonardo Da Vinci and his architectural contributions with Sabine Frommel in the Medium article "Leonardo da Vinci as an Architect with Professor Sabine Frommel."​

Brenda Lee Bohen (HAA '12) interviews scholar Jessica Dello Russo in the Meer article "Interview with American scholar Jessica Dello Russo: On the legacy of Giovanni Battista de Rossi, Harry J. Leon and Estelle Shohet Brettman."​​

​Brenda Lee Bohen (HAA '12) interviews archaeologist Darius Arya in the Meer article "Interview with classical archaeologist Darius Arya."​

Eva-Nadou Body Lawson, a study-abroad student from Sciences Po University in Paris studying art history at DePaul in 2022-2023, was accepted into the joint Sciences Po-Musée du Louvre MA program in art history and museology.

​Dylan Becker (HAA '22) was accepted into the Master​ of Architecture program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.​

​​Christina Wyshnytzky (HAA '21), assistant curator, discusses a current exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in the New York Times article “Tanks and Teddy Bears: Ukrainian Children Paint the War."​​​​​

Brenda Lee Bohen (HAA '12), interviews museum consultant and freelance historian, Alex Revzan, in the Meer article "History of exhibitions outcome with Alex Revzan."