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Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degrees

​History (BA)/Journalism (MA)

Students with junior status who have earned a 3.25 GPA in their major courses and 3.0 cumulative GPA are eligible to apply to the program. Applicants must submit the following to the Graduate Admission office by May 1 (priority deadline): BA/MA Combined Degree Program Application, official undergraduate transcript, Statement of Purpose (750 words) explaining why the student is seeking admission to the program, writing sample or project that demonstrates the applicant’s ability in journalism, and two letters of recommendation from professors in the History department.

During their senior year students complete 12 graduate credit hours of Journalism coursework which will fulfill undergraduate communication electives and/or open electives. Students admitted to the program must earn a B or better in each of the three graduate courses they take as a senior. If a student fails to meet the GPA requirement, they will not be allowed to continue as a graduate student in the program.

Students can defer their graduate admission for one year.  If students do not matriculate after completing their BA degrees or within the one year deferral period, the graduate courses taken as undergraduate students will no longer count towards the graduate degree and students must reapply for admission to the graduate program.

History (BA)/International Studies (MA)

Students with junior status who have earned a 3.5 GPA eligible to apply to the program. During their senior year students complete 12 graduate credit hours of International Studies coursework as well as a thesis preparation course, which may be taken as HST 390 or INT 301.

History (BA)/Secondary Education History (MEd)

The TEACH Program combines a Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LAS) undergraduate Social Science major (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, or Sociology) or a Science and Health (Psychology) major with a graduate level College of Education (COE) Master's in Education Program. Students graduate with a BA or BS in their disciplinary major and a MEd in Education with State of Illinois Secondary Social Science licensure.

This combined degree program of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the College of Education was collaboratively developed, and is governed and taught by faculty from these units. 

Students may apply to the Program during the spring of their junior year. They must enroll in the Junior Year Experiential Learning course, TCH 320, and meet other application criteria; these include completion of at least 16 quarter credit hours at DePaul and a 3.0 GPA.  During their senior year, students are required to complete a Program capstone course, TCH 390,  and three 400-level courses that count toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Content Area Requirements for Secondary History Education (grades of C or better required for certification):

The following courses should be completed as part of the history major:

*A minimum of four History courses must be at the upper division level (300-level) with at least one of those courses in non-US History.

Additional  licensure requirements which can be taken as liberal studies or open elective requirements (minimum of one course in each discipline required):

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Additional Opportunities

History majors can also pursue accelerated graduate programs within the College of Communication or the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. To learn more, please visit: