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Babacar Mbengue

  • Term Faculty, Fulbright Scholar
  • PhD, University of Dakar
  • History; Islamic World Studies; Arabic
  • ​​Muslim World, Intellectual History of Muslim Africa, Islam in the Atlantic World, Islamic Finance, Islamic Law, Francophone Africa


PhD, University of Dakar​


Dr. Mbengue focuses on Islam, Islamic law, Islamic finance, Muslim Africa, and Francophone Africa. He has a number of publications including “Promise and Contract in Contemporary Islamic and American Legal Discourses" (European Journal of Commercial Contract Law, 2014), “Islam in Africa" in Introduction to Islam in the 21st Century, and “Transnational Islam, Migrancy, and Cultural Congruence: The Case of West African Muslims in the United States", and he contributed to the Arabic Literature of Africa (volume 5, 2016 Conover-Porter Award). Dr. Mbengue also contributed as historian and translator to “Refugee" a short film by Emily Moore and Joyce Chen (2018).


At DePaul, Dr. Mbengue teaches jointly for the History Department, the Islamic World Studies program, and the Religious Studies Department. He is recipient of the “Excellence in Teaching" Award (2019).

Dr. Mbengue teaches a wide range of courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels including survey courses on the history of the Muslim world, Islamic finance, Islam in the United States, Islam and the Atlantic World. Dr. Mbengue has also taught courses on International relations and the history of Islamic political theory.

Dr. Mbengue is fluent in French, Arabic, Wolof and speaks some Spanish and Pulaar.​