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Graduate Fellowships

The Department of History invites students to apply for one or both of the following graduate fellowships:


This fellowship provides tuition waivers for six courses over one academic year plus a stipend of $7,000 (contingent on funding) in compensation for hours spent on departmental support activities, such as:

  • Assisting the department in matters of faculty evaluation, promotion and hiring;
  • Providing research assistance for individual faculty members;
  • Providing instructional support for individual faculty members (proctoring exams, finding and compiling classroom materials, tutoring, facilitating study and/or review sessions, and so on);
  • Maintaining departmental resources such as student-focused websites, the departmental library, and so on;
  • Assisting the graduate and undergraduate program committees with outreach activities, the Student History Conference, and so on.
  • Continuing students are given priority consideration for the Graduate Departmental Assistant fellowship.


This scholarship provides tuition waivers for six courses over one year. May be divided among several students.

Continuing students are given priority consideration for the Egan-Martinez scholarship.


Continuing students who wish to apply should send the following materials to the graduate director by May 1st:

  1. Letter of application indicating which fellowship(s) you are applying for, summarizing your qualifications, and indicating how a fellowship will help you meet your academic goals.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from DePaul professors with whom you have taken a course.
  3. A current course history report (available through Campus Connection)

Awards will be announced by the end of the Spring quarter. Since support funds are limited, those who are receiving tuition reimbursement from other sources, such as employers, should not apply for these awards.