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Why Major in History

An undergraduate degree in history opens many doors for students, including careers in public policy, business, education, international affairs, and information management. The American Historical Association has put together an excellent career mini-guide for students of history.

Much research indicates that degrees in history and related areas prepare students for long-term success in a wide array of professions. Below are some items discussing the importance and benefits of a BA degree in history and other fields in the arts and sciences.

Compare the above with the history department's learning goals and it's easy to see how majoring in history prepares students to succeed in a wide array of professional career paths. We point proudly to our own graduates as proof.

In conjunction with the Career Center, the history department has put together a guide for majors for possible career paths.

When applying for jobs, students are often asked how their major is applicable to the position for which they are interviewing.

As a history-communications double major, Shaunanagins put together a solid list of 30 reasons it's smart to hire a history student.‚Äč