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Kaveh Ehsani

Kaveh Ehsani is assistant professor of International Studies, and director of graduate studies at DePaul University in Chicago. He has been a longstanding member of the editorial boards of the journals Goftogu (Dialogue) in Tehran, Middle East Report (Merip), and more recently of Iranian Studies. He is a regular media commentator about domestic and international Iranian politics.

He is preparing two books for publication, “The Urban Life of Oil: Abadan and the Making of Modernity in Iran” (manuscript in preparation); and an edited collection titled “Working for Oil: Comparative Social Histories of Labor in the Global Oil Industry”, co-edited with Touraj Atabaki and Elisabetta Bini (Palgrave McMillan Publishers, Forthcoming in 2017).

His current research is about the historical and contemporary impact of oil on society and politics; the historical sociology of warfare; the politics of property relations; the urban process and spatial change in Middle East cities; and on the political economy and geopolitics of post-revolution Iran.

Oil, Society and Politics; Historical Sociology of Warfare; Politics of Property Relations; Urban Process and Spatial Change in Middle East Cities; and PE and Geopolitics of Post-Revolution Iran.

Complex Social Organizations (Markets and Power; Social Classes); Middle East Politics and Society; Globalization; International Politics of Environment (Oil and Society); Reading Marxs Capital; Senior Seminar; Evolution of the Modern State; Multiculturalism

Leiden University; Faculty of Social Sciences, PhD, 2014
University of Massachusetts-Amherst , MA in Regional Planning, 1987 
University of Massachusetts-Amherst, BA in Economics, 1983


“Pipeline Politics in Iran”, South Atlantic Quarterly (forthcoming Winter 2017); “War and Resentment: Critical Reflections on the Legacies of the Iran-Iraq War” Critique (Forthcoming 2017); “Oil, state, and society in Iran in the aftermath of WWI”, in The First World War and its Aftermath: The Shaping of the Middle East”, ed. Thomas Fraser, (London: Haus Publishers & Gingko Library, 2015); “The cultural politics of public space in Tehran’s Bookfair”, in Houchang Chehabi, eds. Iran in the Middle East: Transnational Encounters and Social History (London: I.B.Tauris, 2015); “Oil and beyond: Expanding British imperial aspirations, emerging oil capitalism, and the challenge of social questions in the First World War”, in The World During the First World War, edited by Helmut Bley and Anorthe Kremers (Essen: Klarte Verlag, 2014), 261-290, co-authored with Touraj Atabaki; “Radical democracy and public space”, International Journal of Middle East Studies 46:1 (February 2014); “Politics of Property in the Islamic Republic of Iran”, in S. Amir-Arjomand & Nathan Brown, eds. The Rule of Law, Islam, and Constitutional Politics in Egypt and Iran (Albany: SUNY Press, 2013).​

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