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Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Programs

DePaul Undergraduate Degree/Critical Ethnic Studies (MA)

Students apply to this program in spring of their junior year; interested students should contact the Critical Ethnic Studies (CES) graduate director at​. Students in this program take twelve graduate credit hours in their senior year; these graduate courses apply toward both undergraduate and graduate Critical Ethnic Studies requirements. 

In the senior year students complete:

Two courses from:

Once the student has graduated with their undergraduate degree, they will matriculate into the MA Program. As MA Students, the students take the remaining nine courses toward the MA degree – usually students will take three graduate courses per quarter in order to complete the MA in the one additional year. Students may also wish to take one of these courses during the summer. See MA degree requirements​


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​​Students interested in applying to the BA/MA program in Critical Ethnic Studies should contact the CES graduate director, Laura Kina,