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Dr. Carolina Sternberg

Dr. Sternberg’s main areas of research and teaching combine urban studies, Latin American studies, and urban policies in both U.S. and Latin American settings. Her current book, Neoliberal Urban Governance. Spaces, Culture and Discourses in Buenos Aires and Chicago, published by Palgrave/MacMillan, examines the dynamics of neoliberal urban governance, through a comparative analysis of Buenos Aires and Chicago, with a special focus on the gentrification processes in both cities, from 2011 to the present. Her work has also examined the relationship between gentrification and race in African American and Latinx communities in Chicago. She has also published in academic renowned journals, including Urban Studies, Urban Geography, Geoforum, Urban Affairs Review, Partecipazione e Conflitto, and has contributed book chapters on the topics of middle-class identities in Buenos Aires, and urban neoliberalism in Chicago.​​