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LGBTQ Studies (Minor)

​The LGBTQ Studies program analyzes sex and sexuality within many different fields of inquiry. A minor in LGBTQ Studies will enable DePaul students to devote significant study to the experiences of people who do not conform to culturally dominant identities of sexuality and gender: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer. Such an endeavor is profoundly interdisciplinary by nature and draws on university resources and faculty expertise in a wide array of disciplines. Students in this minor will have the opportunity to analyze the experiences of LGBTQ people on their own terms, as well as through critical perspectives on sexuality and gender as complex social, cultural, biological, and historical phenomena.

Course Requirements​

The following is a sample of regularly-offered approved electives. This list is not exhaustive; new courses are continually created and approved. Every quarter before registration begins, the Program Director distributes a list of courses being offered the following quarter. Students should contact the Program Director to request the current list. Students may also petition the Director for approval of a course not listed. Many LGBTQ Studies courses are crosslisted and fulfill requirements in other departments and programs, including the Liberal Studies Program. LGBTQ Studies minors are encouraged to take at least one course in a variety of disciplines—film, history, literature, media, performance, philosophy, politics, religion, science, and theory.


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