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Combat Water Survival Training

The purpose of the Combat Water Survival Test is to both test Cadets and to build their confidence and water survival skills.   Prior to commissioning all cadets are required to possess certain water survival skills.  As part of the Military Science coursework, all cadets participate in Combat Water Survival Training.  Cadets are required to successfully navigate the following requirements:

  • A 3-meter drop into water, blind folded and carrying a mock M-16 rifle, 
  • Swim 15 meters in uniform, with gear while keeping a mock M-16 rifle out of the water.  
  • Execute submerged equipment removal techniques.  For this requirement, cadets must jump into deep water wearing load bearing equipment.  While underwater, they must release the equipment, swim to the surface and reach the edge.  
  • Tread water for five minutes
  • Swim for 10 minutes, non-stop, using any stroke.