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Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is a competitive event that is unique to the ROTC program. Once a year, during the fall semester, ROTC students compete against cadets from other universities in a number of different events.

As a member of the ROTC program, students have the opportunity to try and become a member of the small but highly trained team. Ranger Challenge teams consist of nine members plus one alternate. Team members are challenged both mentally and physically and are offered the opportunity to meet other students and learn the skills necessary to be a leader.  There is no pre-requisite to join Ranger Challenge, just a lot of hard work.

- Obstacle course
- One rope bridge
- Weapons assemby/dissassembly and fuctions check
- Orienteering
- 6 mile foot march
- Confidence course
- Map reading
- Leadership exam
- Water confidence course
- Patrolling exam​