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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Yoshiko Mori, keynote speaker

Dr. Yoshiko Mori is Professor and Director of the Japanese Language Program in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at Georgetown University. Her specialization is in second-language learning and instruction from a psycholinguistic perspective. Her published research covers second-language literacy development, the roles of metacognitive awareness in language learning, individual differences in multilingual development, and online instruction in major journals and books. She has been involved in language education for over 30 years in Japan and the United States, teaching various college-level Japanese language and linguistics courses and holding numerous language-related positions. She is the 2024 President of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) and AP Japanese Language and Culture Chief Reader.

Beyond Borders: Shaping the Future of Japanese Language Education in the Era of Diversity and Collaboration

Over the past decades, second language acquisition (SLA) research and theory have undergone significant advancements, influencing contemporary language teaching characterized by diversity and collaboration. The emergence of groundbreaking AI technology poses new challenges for human educators, compelling them to address issues related to coexisting with AI. As the landscape of language learning undergoes transformations, Japanese language teachers are also experiencing shifts in their educational perspectives and teaching practices. The way educators perceive language and learning plays a crucial role in their decision-making and professional development. This presentation aims to examine the major theoretical frameworks of SLA developed in the last three decades, exploring their implications for Japanese language education. We will then investigate the future trajectory of Japanese language education and identify the essential qualities demanded of Japanese language teachers in response to the changing educational landscape.