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2021 Chinese Lunar New Year

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Video Contents

0:22    University President Esteban and Mrs. Esteban
2:45    Dr. Salma Ghanem, Interim Provost
4:39    Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz, Vice President, Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity
6:08    Dr. Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco, Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
8:44    Dr. Thomas Donley, Interim Dean, Driehaus College of Business
9:09    Ms. Hiwote Tamrat, Director, International Student and Scholar Services
9:16    Dr. Gretchen Frickx, Director, Global Gateway Program
9:36    Dr. Anna Souchuk, Chair, Department of Modern Languages
10:30  Dr. Nicholas Thomas, Director, School of Hospitality Leadership
11:04  Dr. Edward Glayzer, Global Asian Studies Program
11:47  Prof. Yuri Tam, Chinese Studies Program
12:05  Dr. Christine Gimbar, Driehaus College of Business
12:18  Dr. Jaclyn Jensen, Driehaus College of Business
12:29  Dr. Lisa Young, Driehaus College of Business
13:36  University Partner: Hainan Normal University, PRC
13:54  University Partner: Prof. Qi Guo, Huaqiao University, PRC
14:19  Community Partner: Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community (CBCAC)
15:05  Alyssa Spires, “Year of the Ox” Painting
16:47  Jicong Cao, Chinese New Year Paper-cutting
18:42  Rahsaan Liddell, Song: You are my rose
19:18  Chloe Tian, Song: Last Dance
21:24  Annie Simon, Song: Jasmine Flower
22:09  Bridget Mccann & Maddie Goertz, Song: Gongxi Gongxi
23:30  DePaul 4th-Year Chinese Class
24:05  Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)
29:03  Dr. Hui Lin, Associate Director, University Regional Initiative-China, Director, Driehaus Center of International Business
29:49  Dr. Li Jin, D​irector, Chinese Studies Program, Director, Global Asian Studies Program