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2021 Symposium on Teaching China and Japan

​​​​​​2021 Symposium on Teaching China and Japan: Pedagogical Collaboration across Languages, Disciplines, Communities and Borders

February 20, 2021
DePaul University

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DePaul University’s Chinese and Japanese Studies Programs invite educators and scholars (ten in Chinese and ten in Japanese) to participate in a one-day symposium on interdisciplinary collaborations in language education. The symposium will take place through Zoom on Saturday, February 20, 2021, 9am-5pm (CST) [See Program Schedule]​​. 

DePaul University, a private urban institution located in Chicago, actively promotes in its mission and incorporates in curricula interdisciplinary and community-based collaborative teaching. Within such an educational framework, our language programs have adopted Content-based Language Instruction (CBLI) and Foreign Language Across the Curriculum (FLAC) through collaboration with Chinese and Japanese Studies faculty in art, literature, history, religious studies, theater et al., as well as through partnerships with local, national, and international organizations. We believe such collaborative content and language learning in multilingual and translanguaging settings enriches and challenges our students’ intellectual development.

As the first of its kind, this symposium will be a platform where Chinese and Japanese Language and Studies educators from across the nation are invited to share innovative pedagogical strategies and approaches that emphasize collaborations between faculty across disciplines, communities, and national borders. We are also interested in exploring innovative collaborative pedagogical approaches across languages that help overcome challenges shared by Chinese and Japanese language learners (e.g., character learning and language curriculum for heritage learners). In addition, we welcome presentations on new collaborative approaches that have been undertaken during the pandemic. We hope to stimulate discussions of relevant challenges and opportunities as we navigate this difficult time and find our way during and after the pandemic.

A keynote speaker will discuss related issues in practice and research and provide suggestions for new collaborations in language-studies education.

The symposium is funded by the Japan Foundation Sakura Grant and the DePaul University Search Council Grant. ​​​​