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MOLyglot, the title of our newsletter, is a play on the word "Polyglot":  a person with knowledge of several languages.  In Modern Languages (MOL), we're all striving to be better versions of our polyglot selves.  The study of language is one of the most humbling, empathetic, and indeed, Vincentian projects that we can undertake.  In our quarterly newsletter, we reflect on what we've accomplished while looking forward to what lies ahead through stories with our faculty, alumni, students, and staff.  

Past Issues of the MOLyglot

2021 Winter:    Issue 01
2021 Spring:    Issue 02
2021 Autumn:  Issue 03
2022 Winter:    Issue 04
2022 Spring:    Issue 05
2022 Autumn:  Issue 06
2023 Winter:    Issue 07
2023 Spring:    Issue 08
2023 Autumn:  Issue 09
2024 Winter:    Issue 10