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Spanish (MA)

DePaul's innovative modern languages program provides you with a customizable curriculum to develop advanced linguistic and cultural expertise in Spanish and to apply that expertise in the disciplinary or professional contexts of your choice.

Whether in the global community of todays world or in multiethnic communities such as Chicago, this advanced expertise is an increasingly valuable personal and professional asset, requiring appropriate training and credentials.

Real-World Experience

One of the requirements of the Spanish MA program is a service learning experience. It will involve working within an environment where you can apply your linguistic expertise as a volunteer, contributor, intern or employee. Sites include:

  • Community groups
  • Social service or agencies
  • Professional associations
  • Artistic organizations

Program Highlights

One of the key highlights of this program is the flexibility it offers. Youre encouraged to speak with your faculty advisor and the department staff advisor in order to determine the courses best suited to your career goals and interests. 

Flexible Locations and Times

The core courses are offered in the evenings, while most of the language courses are offered late afternoon and/or evening.

Program Participants

The program is designed for:

  • Adult professionals (government employees, social workers, healthcare providers, businesspeople, teachers, etc.) whose career requires this applied expertise.

Program Length

Full-time students (taking two classes at four credit hours each for a total of eight credit hours per quarter) may complete the program in two years/six quarters.

Program Structure

The core curriculum consists of the following courses taught in English:

  • MOL 401:  Professional Foundations
  • MOL 402:  Language, Self, and Society
  • MOL 403:  Communities of Practice
  • MOL 497:  MA Capstone

In addition, all 300-level courses in Spanish are offered simultaneously as 400-level electives to complete the MA program. These 400-level courses carry different requirements than the lower-level courses and are taught in Spanish. Students may complete their eight electives for the MA in one or a combination of three ways:

  1. Complete 400-level electives in Spanish from among those that are offered every quarter.
  2. Complete graduate-level electives taught in English from another department and complete coursework in Spanish.
  3. Work with one of our faculty members to complete an independent study.