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MOL Graduate FAQ

The program consists of 12 classes, so it depends on how many classes per quarter per year a student chooses to complete. Students are welcome to take 1 class a quarter (part-time) or take as many as 4 classes per quarter. Two classes per quarter is the standard and recommended full-time class load.
Full-time students (taking 2 classes at 4 credit hours each for a total of 8 credit hours per quarter, 3 quarters per year fall/winter/spring) may complete the program in 2 years/6 quarters. Part-time students taking one class per quarter for fall/winter/spring (3 classes/year) may complete the program in 4 years.
Below is a sample full-time schedule:
MA Schedule
Students who completed their bachelor's degree at DePaul are eligible for the Double Demon discount of 25%.  Graduate Assistantships are also available for qualified students in the Division of Student Affairs.  Ideal candidates are/were undergraduate student leaders and/or have other Student Affairs-related experiences. Eligible, prospective graduate students may apply for these positions, as they become available, by checking the Student Employment or Human Resources webpages. Each office in Student Affairs will manage/post their own G.A. positions. Interested students should check with the respective offices.  Some language programs also offer more scholarship information on the respective language resource webpages. Please scroll through these pages to learn more about any potential scholarship opportunities by language program.

Additional DePaul-related scholarships are posted through Academic Works.

We have rolling admissions, meaning we accept students for admission every quarter. Prospective students may therefore apply for admission at any time.  Prospective students should submit an application at least two months before the start of the term they wish to begin the program. View the academic calendar.

Information about tuition and fees can be found online here. The program consists of 48 credits, multiplied by the per-credit graduate tuition cost posted online.
The core courses (MOL 401, 402, and 496) are offered in the evenings, while most language courses are offered during the day. The French and Spanish programs may offer 1-2 evening (5:30-8:45 or 6-9:15) courses fall, winter and spring terms. Spanish may occasionally offer advanced courses in the summer.  Each core course is offered once per year. Students should register for MOL 401 and MOL 402 in the fall and winter, respectively, of their first year, then register for MOL 496 in the spring of their final year.
The majority of advanced language and the MOL core courses are offered at the Lincoln Park Campus (LPC). Spanish may occasionally offer an online course. Students whose language proficiency is already advanced may, in consultation with their faculty advisor, choose to take 1-2 courses outside of the department as part of their electives. If students are approved to take courses outside of the Department of Modern Languages, they would need to work with the Department Assistant of the other department(s) regarding class availability.

Please refer to the Class Search to view a sampling of our graduate courses offered each quarter.

We offer graduate language courses and our core MOL courses at the Lincoln Park Campus (LPC).

We hope that after you take a few years of undergraduate language coursework, you will consider joining us for the MA! Unfortunately, beginner and intermediate language courses are not eligible for graduate-level programs. You would need to complete at least 20 quarter hours (5 classes) of advanced 2xx/3xx level language courses OR achieve an Intermediate High on the OPI and WPT (ACTFL ratings) for admission eligibility into an MA language program.

Below is the typical course schedule and sequence one would expect to follow in studying a new language through our department :